The Simply Beer Kit Range.

Each Simply Beer Kit has been crafted with the help and expertise of our dedicated team of master brewers. Each kit uses a blend of high quality malt extracts from numerous producers from around the world, with the addition of genuine brewer's yeast used in each and every Simply Beer Kit has helped us achieve our goal in creating a range of kits that is truly outstanding when it comes to quality, taste and value.



A Classic tawny British Best Bitter with a fantastic biscuit malt body that leads to a robust and cleansing bitter finish.





Full golden crisp lager, light & refreshing with honey notes and a lingering bittersweet finish.




Yorkshire Bitter

Full bodied amber beer, juicy malt with a tempting dark fruit aroma and caramel flavours that develop into a pithy bitterness.




Pale Ale

An elegant easy drinking beer with good malt sweetness with a hint of vanilla and a clean aftertaste.




Brown Ale

Brown ale with rich full malty caramel and chocolate flavour, very quaffable.





A smooth dark malty ale with hints of stone fruit and raisins, soft bitterness with a lingering sweetness with hints of caramel.




Export Stout

A dark rich stout, smooth with full roasted malt character throughout with dark fruits and dark chocolate notes.




Ginger Beer

A truly delicious alcoholic ginger beer, subtle malty flavours with well-balanced sweetness finished with the unmistakable fiery taste of real ginger. Great served over ice with a wedge of lime.